Elkhart Makers

C. W. Osgood Cornet. Serial number 2,6XX. Union label. Like many other makers in Elkhart, Osgood got his start working for Conn. He was in business from about 1914 to 1928. Original mailing *advertisement*.

Martin Band Inst. Co. Cornet. Serial number 6,8XX. A typical "S" leadpipe cornet. Union label. *Martin "Horn Department", 1928* 

Other Makers of Interest

Grand Rapids Musical Co. "Wizard" Flugelhorn. Serial number 16,XXX.

Meredith "Open Tone" Cornet. Serial number 17X. Marked "Patents Pending".  Patents 939,285 and 1,040,372 granted Nov. 9th, 1909 and Oct. 8th, 1912. *Two pictures of a Meredith player*

Metzler & Co.

While to my knowledge I'm not related, Metzler & Co. interests me for obvious reasons.

Metzler & Co. Keyed Bugle. Circa 1840.

Metzler & Co. Circular Cornet. Circa 1865. This cornet made in circlular form results in a more compact instrument. Even the bell is oval shaped, to save space. *Before restoration*, done by Mark Metzler.

Metzler & Co. Cornopean. Circa 1870. Probably made by Gautrot.

Metzler & Co. Cornet. Circa 1890. Probably made by Gautrot.

Metzler & Co. Limited Cornet. Circa 1910.

Bicycle Bugles

John Heald Bicycle Bugle. Circa 1880s. 13 3/4 inches long. While a bit more compact than a regulation bugle, it is not typical of the very compact bugles made for cyclists. John Heald is known for producing cornets of high quality. This is a presentation bugle, engraved "Presented to the Massasoit Cycle Club by the Overman Wheel Company, Springfield". I would be interested in acquiring information about the Massasoit Cycle Club.

J. Higham Bicycle Bugle. 7 1/4 inches long. While Keat bicycle bugles seem to be much more common, this example by Higham is of excellent quality, with added guards and sturdy attachment points for a carrying strap. Like the Keat, the bell is oval and is not flared, resulting in a more compact instrument.

Hy. Keat & Sons Bicycle Bugle. 7 inches long. Keat made huge numbers of coach horns, army bugles, hunt horns, and cyclists bugles. "The Buglet" is probably the most common cyclists bugle found today.

Kohler & Son Bicycle Bugle. 8 3/4 inches long. Still larger than the Keat or Higham, this bugle is marked "The Bicycle Bugle" and is nicely finished with silver decorative trim.