Buescher Cornets

Buescher Epoch Cornet. Serial number 6XX. Patent number 670,365, Granted March 19, 1901. *Advertisement*, courtesy Steve Ward. *Musician with his Epoch cornet*, courtesy Nick DeCarlis.

Buescher Cornet.  Serial Number 3,4XX.

Buescher Epoch Cornet. Serial number 5,0XX. Note the interesting  reservoir waterkey. Moisture would collect in the reservoir, to be emptied later.

Buescher Cornet. Serial number 5,0XX.

Buescher Cornet. Serial number 5,9XX. Patent 826,473, granted July 17, 1906.

Buescher Cornet. Serial number 18,XXX.

Buescher Cornet. Serial number 140.XXX. Patent number 869,619, granted October 29, 1907. Patent covers bell flare construction, the material progressively increasing in thickness towards the edge.

Buescher 400 Cornet. Serial number 286,XXX.

Buescher Trumpets

Buescher Trumpet. Serial number 214,XXX.

Buescher Trumpet. Serial number 291,XXX.

Miscellaneous Related Items

Buescher Bicycle Toe Clips. Patent number 589,988, granted September 14, 1897. Buescher made other metal products besides musical instruments in the early years of the company.

Buescher Grease Gun. Marked PAT. APL'D FOR, but I've not been able to find the patent.

Buescher Watch Fobs. In the days of the pocket watch, a useful item that was also an advertisement. 

Buescher Lapel Pins.